Bamboo, Graphite and Glass





  • 7 1/2′, 2 pc, single tip (sold that way), 3 1/2 oz,  for a #5 line, morticed spanish cedar slide band reel seat, slide band is bright, target butt cap is blued, marked “Payne Reg U.S. PAT Off.”, wraps are typical Payne, brown tipped yellow, hook keeper, butt cap also reads “Made for Abercrombie & Fitch Co.”, typical Payne style grip, both sections are equal length, orig Payne labeled tube “E.F. Payne Rod Co. INC.”, probably a model #101, rod in good cond…$2900


  • 7′ 1/2″, 2 pc, xtip, bag and tube, made from a Leonard blank, for a #4/#5 line, cigar grip SB C&R seat over butternut mortised reel seat, butt cap marked “H.L. Leonard Rod Co” The Rod Maker since 1869″, wraps are gold tipped black, carboloy stripper, rod appears to be unused, mint condition…$1000
  • 9′ Tournament, 3 pc, xtip, 5 oz. for a #7 line, 2nd tip 1/2″ short (does not affect casting), green intermediate wraps tipped in red, mortised butternut slide band seat, butt capped stamped “The Leonard Rod Tournament”, 5″ cigar grip, N/S patent date ferrules, original bag and tube-an excellent big water, tight loop dry fly rod, clear agate stripper, rod was probably polished and given an overcoat —$850


  • Deluxe:  9 1/2, 3 pc, xtip (tips are of equal length but are 3/4″ shorter than the mid and butt (made that way) for a #5/6 line, original bag and tube, serial #: E88858 (1953) rod appears original and is in good condition—$295
  • Neocane spinning rod: orig bag and tube, rod marked “Neocane Pintail Hardy Bros Alnick England” on the butt, also NE 3579, wraps are green tipped black, SUL reel seat over bakelite barrel, 3″ foregrip, 8″ rear grip w rubber button, 7′ length, rod is in excel N/M condition, a rare find, probably would handle 1/8-1/4 oz lures—$175
  • Hollowlight: 9′, 3pc, xtip, original bag and Hardy codura tube, wgt is 5 oz. for a DT 5/WF 6 line, serial #: H30219 (1960), all cork slide band “W” seat, cigar grip, agate striper and tip tops, all sections are full length (tip is one each shorter than butt and mid-made that way), full intermediates, wraps are gold tipped black, rod is in excellent condition, a rare seldom seen model…$475
  • CC DeFrance, 7′, 2 pc, single tip (all CC DeFrance were made as single tip rods), non orig Hardy bag, Hardy bamboo rod case, rod serial #: E44617 (1937), all cork grip, alum cap and ring seat, butt cap marked “made by Hardy Bros LTD Alnwick England” in 4 lines, N/S winding check, white agate stripping guide, snakes guides, intermediate wraps (maroon), butt section marked ” Reg trade mark Palakona”, blue ferrule. The tip is shorter than the butt (made that way) but when rod is joined it is 7′, rod is all original. The cork grip is soiled with a slight ridged, the tip top has been replaced, lettering on butt section is intact,, the rod is in very good condition. This is a highly desirable rod. It is an excellent dry fly rod for #4/#5 line, weight is 2 3/4 oz.—$795

D. G. Schroeder

  • 7′ 9″, 2 pc for a #5W, S#: 48408, full in tact label, original bag and tube, extra tip, quad grip check, mortise dark walnut reel seat, alum screw up lock, red agate stripper, blued ferrules, rod in MINT condition…$1795


  • Midge:  7′, 2 pc, xtip (1 1/2″ repair between tip-top and 1st guide (repair done by Tom Dorsey), needs hook keeper rewrapped, all sections full length, walnut S/B seat for a #4 line, a great casting small stream rod, very good condition (with exceptions noted), original bag and tube—$1200
  • Specialist: 7 1/2, 2 pc, xtip, original bag and tube w/label for a #4 line, beautiful flamed cane, blued fittings, C&R over dark walnut, serial #4063, one tip 1/4″ short which does not effect casting, very good condition—$1800

F.E. Thomas

  • Special 9′, 3 pc, xtip (short 3 1/2′), orig bag and tube, rod has been refinished, butt section had some delamination but was fixed at time of refinish, wgt 5 1/2 oz for a WF 7 line, full length tip has an area at the ferrule that may have to be serviced and may need to be reset, rod casts well, tight and sound, this would make a fine big river dry fly rod…$275


  • 10′, 3 pc, salmon rod, xtip, orig bag and partially labeled tube, screw U/L seat marked “G.H. Halstead Rods”, full metal extension butt (the type he designed for Pinky Gillum) in the bottom end of the tube.  The brass cap on the bottom unscrews just like the cap.  One of Halstead’s innovations, 81/4″ grip, ferrule plug for butt only, blued hardware, rod has been cleaned by a pro bamboo rod maker, beautiful dark flamed cane, exquisite hardware, all sections full length–positively stunning rod….$1600


  • 9′, 2 pc, single tip (made that way) for a #7/8 line, 51/8 oz, H/W grip, SDL bakelite winding check, ser #7305, agate stripping guide, orig S Fran labeled bag, tube is a new labeled Winston. I bought this rod from Glenn and Tom years ago when they had a list of their own rods for sale. It needed to be refurbished, so I sent it to Glenn and redid the rod in the more modern style, replacing the guides with larger, lighter weight guides that shoot the line much better with the newer lines we use today. The ferrules are the original duronze ferrules.  Rod is in excellent condition, full length, tight and straight, a true San Francis Winston from the Stoner/Merrick era of classic salmon/steelhead rods—$850
  • 9′, 2 pc, single tip (made that way), for a 7 wgt line, orig tube, bag may be original, replaced non Winston reel seat, ser # 7297, rod marked “built for Chas. F. Johnson”, typical Winston rod info on butt, rod has correctly wrapped guides, ferrules wrapped in red, this work was not done by Winston, wgt is 5 1/2 oz.—$650
  • 9′, 2 pc, single tip, ser# 7703, SDL bakerlite seat, putty wraps, pat dated, duronze ferrules, orig bag and tube, marked “R.L. Winston, 9′, 5 oz”, H/W grip, rod is in excellent condition, bakelite winding check, great salmon/steelhead rod…$1000

W E Edwards

  • Quad, Model 50,  8 1/2′, for #5, 3 pc, extra tip, orig quad maroon bag, leatherette rod case with strap and buckle, all sections full length, rod can be fished as is but should be refinished, bakelite uplock reel seat, one stripper rod wrap starting to fray and a couple wraps on mid need to be rewrapped, one tip lighted color (may be a replacement)…$550

South Creek by Mike Clark

  • 8 1/2, 3pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, SDL reel seat over cocobola mortised spacer, blued fittings, reel agate stripper, H/W grip, wraps are dark green with intermediates, butt section marked “South Creek Ltd, Gierach, Best Special Taper, #200639 81/2 5W, Mike Clark maker”, on 3 flats, blued fittings, med flamed cane, ferrule plugs, rod appears to be unfished or lawn cast only, full label on tube, a smooth casting med/fast action rod that will cover just about any situation—$2900


  • Battenkill:  8 1/2′, 2pc, extra tip, original bag and tube, for a #9 line, serial #57451, 5 1/8 oz., all sections full length, some ridging to grip but overall in very good condition, great bass bug, light, S/S/S rod—$495
  • Battenkill: 7 1/2″, Midge Model, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag and leather tube for #4/5 line, 3 1/2 oz (on my scale), ser# 53354 (Jordan era rod) with darker impregnation, typical Orvis cigar grip, SDL seat, walnut barrel blued ferrules. This is a classic slow action all around trout rod in excellent condition, not often seen with leather tube which is in good condition, the Midge is one of the more sought after Orvis models–a true classic….$750
  • Wes Jordan:  8′, 2 pc, original bag and tube, later lighter impregnated cane, sculptured grip (right hand), 4 3/8 oz. for a #7 line, typical Battenkill reel seat, leather tube (fair condition), resourceinol glue lines, rod is in fair condition—$700
  • Wes Jordan: 8′, 2pc, extra tip, original bag and leather tube, for a DT#6 or WF#7 (my preference), sculptured grip, weight 4 3/8 oz. Typical SDL lock seat over walnut barrel, serial #: 61750, butt seat marked “made for Dr. R M by Wes Jordan”, all sections are straight, full length and tight ferrules. This is an earlier model with darker impregnation than later models and is in excellent condition. Probably the best Wes Jordan model I have ever cast, smooth, progressive medium action…$850

Charlie Jenkins

  • 7 1/2′, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, GA75-47, for a #5/6 line. I’m sure this is a Charlie/Steve rod, M/F action, SDL seat, wraps are brown tipped black, rod is in excellent condition—$1300
  • 8′, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag a labeled tube, for #5 line, an early rod made by Charlie, serial # GA 80-25, cigar grip, alum SB reel seat over walnut barrel, wraps are pale translucent and yellow, bright fittings, smooth med action rod. Please note: female butt ferrule broke and is short by 3/4”, does NOT distract from its smooth casting ability.  Charlie Jenkins is one of the most underrated bamboo craftsman who ever split a culm.  I was a dealer for Jenkins rods in the 70’s and sold many of his rods. I have 3 rods made by Charlie and will never part with them-that’s how good they are—$1000

John Picard

  • 7′, 2 pc, xtip, original bag and tube, based on a Dickerson taper, for a #4 line, wraps are typical Dickerson style, SDL seat over walnut, blued fittings, fast DF style, excellent condition—$1100


  • 7′, 2 pc, xtip, original bag and tube, 2 1/2 oz, for a #4 line, C&RUL reel seat, blued hardware, beautiful flamed cane, M/F DF action, near mint condition—$1000

Bill Taylor

  • 7 1/2′, 2 pc, Quad, xtip, original bag and tube, 3 1/2oz, for a #4 line, C&R seat over walnut, translucent wraps and tipped black, honey colored cane, blued fittings, cigar grip red is in excellent condition—$995


  • 7′ 1/2″, 2 ps, extra tip, orig bag and brass capped tube, hang tag, blue cap and ring seat, butt capped marked “Ron Kusse Maker”, maple reel seat, cigar grip, clear wrapped, winding are light brown, all fittings are blued, for a #6 line. This rod is MINT and has never been fished…$1500


  • 5′, 2 pc, Bait Casting rod, very early (1st bait rods), w/bass decal intact, no bag, tube looks orig, longer tip than butt (made that way), 2″ foregrip, 5 1/4″ rear grip, 4″ N/S locking seat w/Heddon Dowagiac Q Pat Dec. 108 inscribed, both tips full length, best for 5/8-1 oz lures, red wraps, a refinish would make the rod pop, very rare rod in this condition—$225
  • 4 1/2′, very early boat rod, 2″ foregrip, 5 1/4 rear grip, 3 3/4″ NSSB seat, Rod has been refinished, partial bass decal still on butt section, handles 5/8 oz to 1 oz lures, no bag, alum tube minus cap—$95
  • Folsom (by Heddon) 3 pc, ex tip, original bag and tube, #6 line, rod was repaired and re-finished by Fred Kretchman several years ago….$425


  • Wright and McGill Granger Aristocrat, 7 1/2′, 3 pc, #5 line, extra tip, original brown bag and tube, screw UL reel seat, wraps are tan tipped brown, excellent condition…$1,000
  • Special, 8 1/2′, 3 pc, extra tip, orig bag and label tubed, SUL reel seat, marked Pat Pend Made by Goodwin Granger Company, Denver, lime green wraps, tipped red, varnished in VG-EX condition, RHW grip, single welt ferrules, butt marked “Granger Special”, for #4/5 line…$850
  • Special, 8′, 3 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube (black), Granger patented, SUL reel seat, lime green wraps, bright fittings, butt marked “Granger Special” “Wright & McGill”, reel seat marked “21938, pat #214107 “made by Wright and McGill Rods Co Denver”, rod is in excellent cond, rod takes a #4/#5 line…#850
  • Victory, 8′, 3 pc, extra tip (short 1 1/2″ at butt), doesn’t seem to effect the casting of the rod, variegated wraps (orange and black), butt marked “Granger Victory Wright McGill), on two flats, I like the rod with a FT #4 on a full length tip and a WF #5 on the shorter tip, I believe the tub is original as is the bag…$425

Allen Noland

  • 7′ 9″, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, for #5 line, 4 1/2 oz, ser #: A710, H/W grip, SDL alum seat, over maple filler, caramel color cane, wraps are tan with tipped black, blued fittings, rod is in excellent condition—$750


  • 7′, 2 pc, xtip (has a repair wrap between tip-top and 1st guide), and is 1/16th short, does not affect casting of a 5# line, cigar grip, SBDL over walnut with fancy engraving, bag and tube.  This rod was made from a Phillipson blank and is in very good condition and is impregnated, very nice DF rod—$350
  • M Hunter Approved: 8 1/2′, 3 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, for a #5/6 line, dark flamed cane, both tips have casting sets (easily removed), H/W grip SDL over alum barrel, all sections full length, rod is in good condition, good rod for larger streams—$300
  • Haywood Zephyr: 7 1/2′, 2 pc, xtip (has a 3 1/2″ repair wrap between 3rd and 4th guide which was well done and is sound), elliptical grip, SUL seat over black plastic barrel, all sect are full length, MF dry fly for a #5/6 line, non orig bag, rod is in F-G condition—$350
  • Pace Maker #51, 7′, 2 pc, 4 3/4 oz, spinning rod, owners name on butt section, straight alum SDL seat, wraps are pale yellow, tipped black beautiful flamed cane, best for 3/8-1/2 oz lures, rod in VG cond, orig bag and tube—$150
  • Peerless: 7 1/2, 2 pic, extra tip, original bag, labeled tube, for a 5wt line, impregnated, cigar grip, copper color alum SDL reel seat, copper color grip check, dark brown windings tipped yellow, one tip has a 1 1/2″ repair between the 1st and second guides-looks like a sound repair, condition is fair, all sections full length, tips have slight casting sets of no consequence…$425

Walton Powell

  • Two 6′ 2″ rods (2 butts, 2 tips) in one orig bag and tube, both #5 line, one is marked “made for owner”, no markings on the other, appear to be slightly different in the butt sections, tips are interchangeable, rods are in excellent condition—$1300
  • 8 1/2′, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, for #4/5/6 line–really! Typical Walton Powell grip and reel seat (gold anodized) serial # 13-42089, bright ferrules and guides, typical brown wraps w/intermediates, a really nice casting larger stream rod, one tip-top needs to be straightened (no problem), may be the most versatile and best casting rod on the list—$1000

Bob Nunley

  • 7 1/2′, 3 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube for #3 line, 4 1/2″ cigar grip, fancy mortised reel seat, leather pad glued onto cushion reel seat, beautiful med flamed cane, blued fittings, dark maroon wraps, some wear on butt cap, all sections full length and straight.  If you love to fish 18’s-24’s flies on those low summer streams, this is the rod for you!  Med-slow delicate action that will paint a fly on the water, rod is in excel condition.  In addition to rod, a cover print, signed by artist Michael Simon, of Nunley’s “Snake Rod” (see picture of this print in “other” section of website) included at this price—$1500

Douglas Duck

  • 8′, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, model FFX-8L, for #5 line, serial # 2069, western style grip, C&R seat, over maple filler, beautiful med  flamed cane, bright ferrules, black guides.  According to owner this was a special model based on a 8′ Gillum taper.  Both tips have slight sets that should be easily removed, action is M/F, DF, 4 1/8 oz—$925

Dean Turner

  • 7′, 2 pc, xtip, for a #4 line, “Little Falls” model, rod is mint and unfinished, rod was made for Wally Vait, the one time owner of “On the Fly” fly shop in Monkton, Md. His name is on the rod, cigar grip, blued hardware, SB over walnut, transparent wraps, tipped black, orig bag and heavy brass capped tube—$1300

D. R. Stone

  • 7’3″, 3 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, for a #4 line, serial # 0934, 3.9 oz, blued hardware, cigar grip, DLSB, mortised wood seat, fast DF action, rod is in VG condition—$695

Jim Schaaf

  • 8′ 5′, 3 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, for a #5/6 line, serial # 85-311-86, red agate stripper, blued guides, bright ferrules, SDL butternut seat, red wraps tipped black, med color cane, rod is new, never fished…$950
  • Banty, 4′ 4″, one pc . cigar grip, walnut SB reel seat, DL, butt cap marked “Jim Schaaf Maker”, blued fittings, agate stripper, wraps are clear, tipped maroon, owners name on rod, special made alum tube, for a #4/#5 line, rare, terrific small streams and tight venue rod…$800


  • 8’9″, 3 pc, tips are equal length, butt and mids are different length, has butt extension, SDL seat over bakelite reel seat, red wraps w/intermediates, bright fittings, for a #5 line, builder unknow to me…$450

Terry Ackland

  • 7′, 2 pc, single tip (made that way), for a #4/5 line, orig bag and tube, cigar grip, NSSB seat, blued ferrules, maroon wrap, FDF action—SPECIAL—$250


  • 8′ P15, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag, hang tag and tube, for #5/6 line, This is a new rod with plastic still on the grip. F/W grip, C&R over wood barrel, bright guides and ferrules, butt marked “2006-1″, Chris Bogart Maker Para 15”.  This is his interpretation of a Young Para 15 rod, in mint cond, wraps are standard Bogart red.  This is a smooth casting rod capable of 70′-80′ casts with ease, also excellent for short 20′ casts.  A great big water rod for all types of flies—$1200


  • 7 1/2′. 2 pc, extra tip, ferrule plug, cigar grip, serial #: 7613308-103, for a #4 line, orig label tube and bag, mortised wood reel spacer, alum SP reel seat, wraps are olive tip red, smooth flexing med fast action, beautifully flamed cane, wonderful accurate fly rod by this well respected builder, rod appears in near mint condition, I doubt it has been fished very much, great buy —$1300
  • 8′ 6″, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, for a #5 line, Powell style grip, rod # 864509, “Kiri” on butt cap, alum SUL reel seat over wood barrel, wraps are green tipped red, blued ferrules with alum ferrule plug for female ferrule, wgt is 4 1/2 oz, this is truly an excellent casting rod for larger streams, smooth flowing taper…#1300
  • 7′, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, wgt 3 oz, Powell style grip, blued fittings, cap and ring slide band over mortised wood reel seat, rod # 7213406, wraps are pale green tipped maroon, for a #4 line, all sections are full length and straight,  previous owner put hash marks on the butt to measure fish, a smooth casting rod…$1300
  • 6’3″, 2 pc, xtip, 2 1/2 oz, #3 line, wraps are pale green tipped red, bright fittings, cigar grip, light mortised wood reel seat, C&R, fish length marks on butt section, varnish is excellent…$1300
  • 7’6″, 2 pc, xtip, 3 oz, orig bag and tube, cigar grip, blued fittings, pale green wraps tipped red, C&R over 2 band mortised wood seat, for a #3 line, rod is in excellent condition, blued carboloy stripper guide, bright snake guides, butt marked “Kiri rod # 7613307”, marks on butt section to indicate fish length (put there by previous owner), fine delicate DF rod…$1300

Wyatt Dietrich

  • 7′ quad, 2 pc, extra tip, orig bag and tube, #4 line, blued fittings, clear wraps, med flamed cane, cigar grip, C&R over mortised wood spacer, butt section marked “Chesapeake Rods”, fine short, small stream rod—$695

Mo Mayo

  • 8′, 2 pc, single tip, made that way, length includes a permanent ext butt (walnut), western style grip, NS SUL reel seat over wood barrel, translucent tan wraps, dark purple, winding tipped red at ferrules, grip cheek, bright guides, rod is straight and tight, #7 line, rod is well made, 5 oz, action fast to med fast, original bag and tube—$750

Wright & McGill

  • Granger Special, 8′, 3 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, green wraps, Granger W/L screw seat, #5 line, may have been overcoated, all sections are full length and straight, Smooth casting rod…$750
  • Blank, 6′ 7″, 2 pc, xtip, butt 1 inch short, cane and silks are correct for rod, casts a #5, oversized grip, cork slide band, alum cap and ring, bag and tube…$350 


  • 8 1/2′, 3 pc, xtip, non orig bag and tube, for a #6 line, M/W grip, SDL seat over plastic barrel, complete in tact label, ” Sewell N. Dunton & Son” Greenfield, Mass.”, wraps are red, tipped yellow, tops have slight sets, rod appears new, unfinished—$195

Unknown Origin

  • 8′, 3 pc, single tip, no sections are the same length, bag larger than rod (probably longer rod had been refinished), mid has 21″ repair wrap above 1st guide from ferrules, tip has slight set, cigar grip, N/S C&R seat, cone shape winding check with guide rails, for a #5 line, bright ferrules, imitation agate stripper, ghosting can be seen on rod where previous guides were, great casting and a bargain for—$150


  • 8′ 3′, 2 pc, xtip, orig bag and tube, HW grip, mortized maple C&R reel seat, blued fittings, guide wraps are clear, tipped maroon, butt section marked “C. Elder Hollow Built, 8’3″ #5 line, 40 series”, on 2 flats, agate stripper, ferrule plug, rod in excellent cond, 3.6oz, serial #-61876….call for price


  • 7′, 2 pc, xtip (short 3″ butt), rod #20650, RHW cork grip, cork screw U/L reel seat, 4 oz, blued fittings, bag & tube, 5 sided penta format, wraps are brown, tipped yellow, rod in poor cond…$75

South Bend

  • Model 469-7, 2 pc, orig bag and cardboard tube spinning rod, set in tip which is easily removed, butt is shorter than tip (made that way), rod is in good condition—$75


  • 8 1/2′, 3 pc, orig bag and unlabeled tube, for 5/6 line, The Rapidan Model, H/W grip, SDL over plastic barrel, intact label, yellow wraps, tan intermediate, tips have sets, all sections are full length, rod is in good cond—$75








  • Fenglass, 7 1/2′, 3 pc, for #5 line, F/W grip, original bag and tube.  This is the new Fenwick glass rod, SDL cork reel seat—new @ $219.95


  • “Jet”, 9′, 2 pc, original bag, non original tube, for a #9 line, rod is BRAND NEW w/plastic still on the grip, classic Hardy SUL reel seat over backlite barrel, yellow wraps, spigot ferrule.  This series of rods was designed by Jon Tarrentino, thus “Jet” who was an international fly fishing and fly casting champion, 5 1/2 oz., great S/S rod in excellent condition—$150
  • “Smuggler”, 8′, 4 pc, 3 oz., orig bag, tag and tube, cork grip and cork slide band reel seat, for a #7/8, alum cap and ring, spigot ferrules, includes ferrule plugs…$495


  • 7′ 9″, 2 pc, Presidential, white blank, cigar grip, SDL over cork filler (bronzed color), butt marked “Presidential No. 848, 7’9″ EKA”, has intact Wonder rod label, wraps are brown tipped black, bronze colored aluminum ferrules, rod cap marked “Howald No 848 7’9″ Wonder rod Shakespear Kalamazoo Mich made in USA”, bag and tube, for a #6/7 line, highly collectible glass rod…$125

Russ Peak

  • 7 1/2′ (blank), P447, 2 pc, marked for 6/7 line, smooth casting 4/5 wgt rod, owners name and Pasadena California on butt section in black script which is difficult to see, all cork cigar grip and reel seat with alum C&R, original bag, non original tube, dark brown blank, dark brown wraps, spigot ferrule, a very smooth casting classic rod, very difficult rod to find even in a blank—$395


R.L. Winston

  • 9′, 3pc, XTR, boron, 4 5/8oz, #9 line, F/W grip, permanent 1 1/2 ” extension butt, serial #: 84925, marked “Grauer’s Fine Fly Tackle”.  This is “The Rod” for saltwater fishing and those fast sinking lines and big flies including poppers, deceivers, ect.—$375
  • Ibis, 9′, 4pc, #9 line, 4 1/2 oz, F/W grip, alum SUL seat, Rod is new, mint, never fished, sleeve over ferrules, 1″ ext butt, great for salt water, salmon, steelhead and bass, original bag, codura tube. I have 2 of these roads…$300 each
  • 9′, #9 line, IM6xd, 2 pc, original bag and tube, 3 7/8 ounces, s# 11434, half wells grip, black SDL seat, 1 1/2″ perm ext butt, loving cup decal on butt section, oversized guides, rod is NEW never fished, great big fish fly rod for fresh or salt waters…$325
  • 9′, 3 pc, 2 #/4 oz, #35338, SDL seat, zebra wood spacer, cigar grip, spigot ferrule, butt cap marked “R.L. Winston Rod Co”, for a #6 line, non Winston bag and tube (too long for rod)…$300
  • IMG, 9′, #5 wgt, ser # 37118, 2 5/8 oz, orig bag and tube, cigar grip, SDL reel seat, maple spacer, spigot ferrule…$395
  • 8’8″, 2 7/8oz, #2 line, butt marked “Sierra Special”, #86408 (made in Dec 2000), limited edition with only 60 rods made according to Winston, cigar grip, SUL seat over zebra wood filler, spigot ferrule, orig labeled rod and tube, serial number on cap does not correspond to serial number on rod, very rare rod…$285

Russ Peak

  • Zenith:  9′, 3 7/8oz, for #7,8,9 lines, serial #: 15456, H/W grip, black alum D/L seat, 4 pc, reasonable extension butt, rod has previous owners name on it, black wraps, original tube w/full label and original bag, rod is in very good condition—$425
  • Zenith: 7’9″, 2pc, cigar grip, alum C&R overall cork seat, #6 line, 2 1/2oz, original bag and labeled tube, alum ferrules, rod is in good condition—$425
  • 8′, 2pc, 2 3/8 oz “Zenith”, for 4-5-6 line, orig bag and labeled tube, cigar grip, cork C and R seat, owners name on butt section, rod near mint condition—$750
  • 9′ 2″, 4 pc, #15169, for 8-9-10 line, cigar grip 7″  long, detachable 3″ ext butt (no plug), orig bag and labeled, alum screw down lock reel seat, black blank, 4 1/4 oz, may be one of a kind model, alignment dots, black wraps, sleeve over ferrel, owners name on butt section, rod is in excellent condition—$700


  • 7′ 1/2″, 2 pc, for #1 line, orig bag and tube with full label, all sections are full length, mortised cork reel seat, 2 bands early gray ruff textured blank, 1 3/8 oz, sleeve over ferrule…$325


  • 8′, 2 pc, #3 line, bag and orig labeled tube, 2 oz, 803-L3915688, early black unsanded blank, spigot ferrule, cigar grip, mortised cork slide band, cap and ring, cork reel seat, cork spacer at winding ck, hook keeper, reddish brown wraps, VG condition…#375


  • GFL 576-4:  RPL graphite III, 7 1/2′, 4pc, original bag and tube, 2 3/4oz, #5 line, RHW, SUL over walnut, rod is in very good condition—$350
  • GFL 786: 8 1/2′ 2 pc, original bag and tube, cigar grip, alum SDL over walnut, 3 1/4oz, for a #7 line, rod is in good condition—$275
  • GFL 690 RPL, 9′, 2 pic, original bag and tube, for a #6 line, 3 oz, RHW grip, black alum screw UL seat, tip over butt ferrule, Rod is in VG condition—$250


  • Iiaska Special:  9′, 2pc, for a 7/8 line, F/W grip alum, SUL seat w/self contained hidden extension butt, serial #: 2806, 3 5/8oz, a great casting early T&T in very good condition, original bag and labeled tube, brass collar on tube needs to be straightened, rod fits fine—$275

Walton Powell

  • 7′, 2 pc, original bag and labeled tube, RHW grip, for #4/5 line, black alum SUL seat, good small stream DF rod in excellent condition—$225
  • 7′, 2 pc, xtip with bag and labeled tube, black blank, maroon wraps, all sections are full length, typical Powell grip, for 4/5 line—$350
  • 7′, 2 pc, orig bag and labeled tube (which may not be the original), for a #5 line, black SUL reel seat…$195

Vince Cummings

  • FL680, 8′, 2 pc, boron/graphite, original bag and labeled tube, for 5/6 line, western style grip, alum SUL seat over maple barrel, butt marked “Vince Cummings Custom Made Boron/Graphite FL680, line wt 5/6, rod in VG condition, Vince is a highly regarded custom rod maker—$300
  • Royal Graphite FL 180, 8′, 2 pc, original bag and tube no cap, for #5/6 line, western style grip, black SDL seat, wood barrel, gray blank, Rod is in good condition—$300
  • FL585 custom made, 8 1/2 for #6/7 line, RHW grip, walnut SUL seat, black blank, spigot ferrule, wraps are blue trimmed gold, bag and tube…$295


  • World Class, WF 865, 8 1/2′, 3 1/8 oz, for #5 line, no bag, original tube, butt & tip has scratches ( one on butt is significant and could be a fracture), RHW grip, black alum SUL over wood barrel—$100
  • GFF 756, 7 1/2, 2 pc, original bag and tube, for a #6 line, 2 5/8 oz, HW grip, cork SUL seat, serial # P363012, butt has a repair wrap, (1 1/4″) long, rod is in fair shape ( exception noted)—$50

St. Croix 

  • Imperial, 7′,IF703, 2 pc, #3 line, sleeve over ferrule, 2 oz, RHW grip, black alum U/L seat, walnut spacer, orig bag and tube…$300


  • 8′, 2 pc, for #5/6 line, bag and tube, spigot ferrule, RHW grip, black alum, SDL reel seat, brown wraps…$195


  • CG graphite, 8 1/2′, 2 pc, 3 5/16 oz, , for #7/8 line, F/W grip, cork SUL seat, gray blank, original bag and labeled tube—$75
  • Black Diamond, 2 pc, 8′, original labeled tube and bag, #7 line, 2 7/8 oz, RHW grip, alum SDL seat over wood barrel, good tight venue rod for getting under heavy cover, tight loop rod, VG condition—$90


  • STU Apte Signature Series, 9′, 3 pc, original bag and tube, for #8 line, FW grip, black alumn, SUL seat with permanent 2″ extension butt, Rod is new unfinished, beautiful navy blue blanks and wraps trimmed gold, a great salt water rod for all types of lines—$150

Blue Ridge Rods

  • 9′, 4 pc, for 8/9 line, RHW grip, black alum, SUL seat, 1 1/2 ” permanent ext butt, butt marked “Blue Ridge Rods Fisher XGT 48908”, spigot ferrules, hook keeper poorly wrapped, no bag, cardboard tube, all 4 sections are unequal length, Rod in fair condition, kit rod sold at fly shop—$50

Gary Lafontaine

  • Professional Series, 9′, 2 pc, xtip, Stealth model, RHW grip, black SUL reel seat over dark wood seat, black bank, original bag and condura tube, Rod is in good condition—$125

Exoelon Fly Fisher

  • 9′, 2 pc, GT9010,  codura Rod/reel tube, for #11 line, RHW grip, alum screw U/L seat, 5″ foregrip, exc condition, may be unfinished, butt is capable of an extension but not with rod—$100

Golden West Fly Fishers-Canada

  • 13′ Graphite, 3pc, butt section reads “Golden West Fly Fishers Canada 13′ graphite “Spey Special” 9 oz 8 DT line 138 1290 Mar2″, original bag, 3 sections are of unequal length (appears to be made that way), spigot ferrules, SDL reel seat, Rod in VG original condition, alignment dots on all sections, in heavy plastic pipe tube—$150

Scientific Anglers

  • 9′, 2 pc, for #5/6 line, plastic SUL seat, RHW grip, no bag, in heavy plastic pipe tube, Rod is unfinished—$35

Stu Apt Gold Cup: 9′, 3 pc, original bag, coduras case, model GC 9083, #8 line, Rod has a 2″ permanent ext butt, beautiful deep blue blank, FW grip, alum SUL reel seat, Rod barely fished, excellent condition…$175


Bait Casting and Spinning


  • Wonderrod, white fiberglass blank, red wrap, black trim, No. 1191 model F.A.G., detachable handle, w/labeled bag, fair/poor cond…$25