Note:  All Hardy reels are “made in England” unless otherwise noted.

  • Ultra Lite Disc:  #5, with 2 xtra spools in original Hardy soft bag w/2 xtra spools both w/lines, palming rim, reel is in excellent condition—$525
  • J.L. Ultralite #5:  1st run, with original bag and palming rim, in soft Hardy pouch, w/line, “U” shaped line guard, reel is in ery good condition—$350
  • GEM:  Mark II, 3 1/2″ dia, steel blue color, new in box w/papers, for a #7/8 line, smooth and powerful w/ disc drag, reel has never had a line on it, palming trim, LH/RH wind–a great salmon, steelhead or saltwater reel with a smooth powerful drag.  Original sold for $500, buy for—$350
  • Bougle: Mark IV, 3′ lightweight, bright finish, R/L retrieve w/Hardy soft pouch and line, exc cond—$450
  • Bougle:31/2″ dia, bright fininsh, ivorine handle, rod-in-hand-logo, complete with orig box and warrenty card, R/L retrieve (setup for LH), serial #: AG3192, paperwork, reel is MINT, never fished, with HArdy fleece lined leather case—$500
  • Cascapedia:  1st reissue w/ventilated end plates, “S” handle, with case and WF5 line, #2/3/4/ size, reel is in excellent condition, w/detent drag system—$500
  • C/A Systems 6:  3 1/4″ dia, silver and grey, palming rim, adj drag, RH/LH wind w/2 extra spools—$125


  • Westminister #253:  Detent drag, 2 1/2″ dia, rims have several scratches, w/pouch, reel is in very good condition with exceptions noted—$1,050


  • Classic fly reel Model #3, LH wind, 3″ dia, serpentine counter balanced handle, solid backplate, perforated face plate, in orig box with maroon draw string and warrenty card, reel is MINT and may never had been fished…$475


  • Tarpon: Anti reverse, R/H wind, gold color, 4″ dia w/case & line, excellent cond 2@…$895 ea.
  • Salmon: Anti reverse, R?H wind, gold color, 3 1/2″ dia with case & Wulff Bermuda taper #10 fly line 2 @…$1095 ea.


  • Battenkill III:  Large arbor, champagne color, line and pouch, adj drag—$125
  • Battenkill I: Large arbor, with 2 xtra spools and soft case—$165
  • Battenkill II: Large arbor, xtra spool w/line, zip case 2@—145 ea.
  • Battenkill IV: Large arbor, case, backing and pouch—$100
  • Battenkill: Large arbor, case, line, xtra spool and pouch—$125
  • Presentation II: 2 1/2″ dia, black finish, made in Argintina by STH for Orvis, xtra spool (both spools have lines), 2 compartment swede case, R/L wind, adj drag—$225


  • M2: w/pouch and line, 3 1/4″ dia, black, excellent cond—$2,000


  • Model #3RH wind, orig box and bag, with papers, counter balanced handle, solid backplate, ventilated face plate, rims & spool are champagne in color, reel is new-probably never fished—$895


  • Early 1496:  dynalife line guard, sculptured pillars, drag adjuster, amber color handle, 4″ dia, there is a bind at one point in the spool and the finish is very poor, given this, it could be restored to its classic appearance—$45
  • Medalist:  New in boxes in 3 sizes, w/cases, all have adjustable drags, all are RH/LH,  small #3/4—$120, med #5/6—$130, large #7/8/9—$140

Scientific Anglers

  • System 8: By Hardy, 4″ dia, w/case and extra spool, reel is mint…$230
  • System 7: By Hardy (made in England), w/extra spool ans suede zip case to hold reel and spool, excelent condition—$175

Ari T Hart

  • Traun F1, serial #4315, 2 1/2″ dia, counterbalanced spool, adjustable drag, perforated spool, orig Hart leather case, modern classic in excel cond—$550


  • Magnum: Model 200 D-4″ dia, disc drag, 13/8″ spool width, with Cortland WF8F line and several hundred yards of backing, reel is in excellent condition, black finish, counterbalanced spool w/palming rim, includes pouch-an excellent salt water or salmon reel—$100
  • Crown: 31/2″ dia, RH wind, with ultra WF10 line, C&P reel, poor condition—$25


  • Number 3: Gold finish, 37/8″ dia, 1″ spool width, serial #: 1178, in original marked neoprene pouch, reel has never had a line on it and is in excellent condition, great salt water reel w/adj drag knob on backplate—$350


  • Model 734: 33/4″ dia, black and silver finish, twin handle’s, click/paw drag,  for a #9 line, in fair condition—$15


  • AL5/6: w/extra spool and line, 3″ dia, LH wind, 11/2″ spool width, labeled neoprene pouch, excellent condition—$125
  • AL7/8: w/line and pouch, 31/2″ dia, 11/2″ spool width, excellent condition, LH wind—$145
  • RS2 5/6: LH wind, with line and original pouch, 31/4 dia, excellent condition—$125 


  • Model 558: 3 7/8″ diam, 3/4″ spool width, with line—$15


  • Salmon Reel: 4″ dia, adjustable drag, single handle, marked w/patent # & C.F. Farlow & Co Ltd. made in London England”, reel has a 7/8 F spey line, w/hard leather case, reel is in good cond, RH/LH retrieve, marked New Zealand on inside back plate—$75


  • Model 2 Cassette: 3 1/8″ dia, smooth adjustable drag, counterbalanced handle, made in Argentina, orig box and papers, in VG condition—$75

Bill Ballan

  • Trout Classic Midge: 1 7/8″ dia, raised pillar design, counterbalance serpentine handle, R/L wind, for #2/3 line, original zip case—$300
  • Experimental Salmon/Steelhead reel: 3 3/4″ dia, 1″ spool width, good spey reel, RH wind, smooth adjustable drag, counterbalanced spool, will take spey and regular lines up to a #12—$450
  • Trout Classic: 2 1/2″ dia, raised pillar, serpentine handle, all black, non original bag, for a #4/5 line, reel is in excellent condition, does not appear to have never been fished—$350
  • Salmon Reel: 3′ dia, adjustable drag, x spool, quick release spool button, LH wind, serpentine handle, 1 1/2″ spool width, handle is counter-balanced, large wooden knob, with fly line and hard leather case—$500


  • 3 1/4″ dia, LH wind, serial #11, red agate line guard, w/pouch, reel in exc cond—$300
  • 3″ dia, LH wind, serial #005, red agate line guard, brass drag knob, white handle perforated spool on wind side, solid black plate, w/lined leather zip case—$325
  • 4″ dia, LH wind, grizzly logo on back plate, brass foot, front plate ventilated, rear plate solid, frt plate brass drag, adjust mend knob w/5/6/ spey line, leather lined case—$330

Johnson Magnetic

  • #3:   2 7/8″ dia, with Cortland line, xtr spool and case, owners name on reel, these reels no longer made (that’s a shame!), drag system is smooth, no stutter magnet that really works fine, can be used for R or L hand, a neat reel in excellent condition and a collectable/very useable fly reel—$150


  • MR8.5: 3″ dia, 1″ spool width, serial #: 033568, adjustable drag, counterbalanced spool, disc drag, bronzed color frame and spool, w/Cortland WF4 line and case, reel is in excellent condition—$195


  • R3: ser # 0595, made in Etna, California, first reels made by Ross, adj drag, black matt finish, R/L hand retrieve, owners name on reel, flywheel design spool, reel is silent on strip and retrieve, reel is built to last a lifetime, excellent cond, spare spool (w/line0 and suede pouch, an excellent, highly collectable and fishable reel—$395
  • Gunnison G1: with Cortland WR6 SL line, w/2 xtra spools all with line and cases, LH/RH wind, smooth Delrin drag, a classic reel in VG condition—$225
  • Gunnison G3: with Cortland WF5SL line, R/L wind, in very good condition—$200
  • Evolution 1.5: R/L wind, steel blue finish, with pouch, classic smooth light reel in excellent condition, one of the smoothest drags ever invented—$250
  • Evolution 1.5: black finish (earlier than above reel), never had a line on it, with pouch and box—$270
  • Airus 4: 3 1/2 ” dia, new in box, will hold a WF8 line and 200 yds 20 lb backing, RH/LH wind, smooth adjustable drag—$240
  • T & T Classic: made for and sold by T&T, same size as a G3, with WF8 line in suede T&T logo pouch, LH/RH wind, in excellent condition—$225
  • Model S1, ser #0088, salmon, stealhead, saltwater reel, early model made in ETNA California-1st gen Ross, black finish, fully adjustable drag, with line and original case, a fine reeel and highly collectible, cond is excellent, w/extra spool….$275

J.W. Young

  • Pridex: 3″, solid end plates, early reel, some end play in spool, missing center cover on face plate, otherwise in good condition, has bag—$50
  • Valdex: 3″ dia, LH wind, raised pillars, no case—$100
  • Sea Venture: #3750, s/s/s reel, 3 1/2″ dia, 1″ spool width, with DT7 Cortland peach 444 line, LH wind, reel is red in color, smooth disc drag, counterbalanced spool, “Jubilee salt water disc drag”, new in box w/papers, I would guess it has never been used, reel is in excellent mint condition, hard to find—$225


  • SR #3: large arbor, 4 1/2″ dia, w/case, counter balanced spool, reel appears new, never used….$90
  • SR #2: large arbor, 3 3/4″ dia, w/line, backing and case…$95
  • SR: 3″ dia, w/case and line….$100
  • Super large arbor, 3 1/2″ dia, silver color, w/line, no case—$85
  • SR1: 3″ dia, w/case, xtra spool, #6 fly line—$110

Ocean City

  • Model 76: 3′ dia, 3/4″ spool width, berge frame, silver spool, in fair usable condition—$30


  • World Class: RH wind, counterbalanced spool, black finish, adjustable drag, 3″ dia, 3/4″ spool width, w/line of unknown size, original neoprene bag, reel is in fair condition—$125


  • Crown II: RH/LH wind, 3 1/4″ dia, 3/4″ spool width, black finish, w?DT 6 line and pouch, rel is in good condition—$50