Note:  All Hardy reels are “made in England” unless otherwise noted.

  • Ultra Lite Disc:  #5, with 2 xtra spools in original Hardy soft bag w/2 xtra spools both w/lines, palming rim, reel is in excellent condition—$525
  • J.L. Ultralite #5:  1st run, with original bag and palming rim, in soft Hardy pouch, w/line, “U” shaped line guard, reel is in ery good condition—$350
  • GEM:  Mark II, 3 1/2″ dia, steel blue color, new in box w/papers, for a #7/8 line, smooth and powerful w/ disc drag, reel has never had a line on it, palming trim, LH/RH wind–a great salmon, steelhead or saltwater reel with a smooth powerful drag.  Original sold for $500, buy for—$350
  • Bougle: Mark IV, 3′ lightweight, bright finish, R/L retrieve w/Hardy soft pouch and line, exc cond—$450
  • Bougle:31/2″ dia, bright fininsh, ivorine handle, rod-in-hand-logo, complete with orig box and warrenty card, R/L retrieve (setup for LH), serial #: AG3192, paperwork, reel is MINT, never fished, with HArdy fleece lined leather case—$500
  • Cascapedia:  1st reissue w/ventilated end plates, “S” handle, with case and WF5 line, #2/3/4/ size, reel is in excellent condition, w/detent drag system—$500
  • Perfect: 2 7/8″, Mark II check, brass drag knob, black handle, ribbed brass foot, flat brass pin, right hand wind. good condition, no bag or case—$700
  • Perfect 3 1/8″, Mark II, black handle, brass drag knob, grey agate line guard in brass ring, RH wind, 1940″s vintage, extra spool, no case, reel in excellent cond—$650
  • Flyweight: with extra spool, backed marked “Made by Hardy Bros LTD England” “The Flyweight”, “U” shaped, 2 screw line guard, co case…$400
  • Uniqua: 2 1/4″(rim to rim), horseshoe latch, made of aluminum, white handle, back plate reads “Hardy Bros LTD Alnwik England”, patent, good condition, no case—$300
  • Uniqua: 2 3/4″, horseshoe latch, backplate reads “Duplicated Mark II’ The Uniqua Fly Reel”, Made by Hardy Bros LTD Alnwik England, patent number displayed, brass rivets, smooth brass foot, no case—$300
  • Uniqua: 3″, horseshoe latch, backplate reads “Made by Hardy Bros LTD Alnwick England Abercrombie & Fitch Co. New York the Uniqua”, Flywhel Duplicated Mark II, pat# 2424—$275
  • Uniqua: 6″, telephone latch w/reg#, black knob, ribbed brass foot,backplate marked “Made by Hardy Bros LTD size 6, the Uniqua”, Brit patent # and USA patent #, no case—$395
  • Sunbeam: 3″, horseshoe latch, black knob, bickerdyke line guard, brass foot rivited to backplate, patent dates, the Sunbeam Fly Reel—$235
  • Sunbeam: 6/7 (modern model introduced in 1979), L&R format, palming rim, silver-black color, latch spool release, agate line guide, disc drag, reel includes a line of unknown size, no case, reel in good condition—$125
  • Marquis #5: drag adjustment knob, palming rim, back reads “Marquis #5, made by Hardy Bros LTD England”, “U”, shaped line guard, backing on reel, fair cond, no case…$150
  • Marquis #5: Same as above, with 2 extra spools, fair cond, backing on all spools, no case…$200
  • Marquis #6: with extra spool, backing on spool, “U”, shaped line guard, no case…$375


  • Westminister #253:  Detent drag, 2 1/2″ dia, rims have several scratches, w/pouch, reel is in very good condition with exceptions noted—$1,050


  • Tarpon: Anti reverse, R/H wind, gold color, 4″ dia w/case & line, excellent cond 2@…$895 ea.
  • Salmon: Anti reverse, R/H wind, gold color, 3 1/2″ dia with case & Wulff Bermuda taper #10 fly line 2 @…$1095 ea.


  • #1, black finish, RH wind, counter balanced spool with line, Abel case, reel is in mint condition—$400


  • Battenkill III:  Large arbor, champagne color, line and pouch, adj drag—$125
  • Battenkill I: Large arbor, with 2 xtra spools and soft case—$165
  • Battenkill II: Large arbor, xtra spool w/line, zip case 2@—145 ea.
  • Battenkill IV: Large arbor, case, backing and pouch—$100
  • Battenkill: Large arbor, case, line, xtra spool and pouch—$125
  • Presentation II: 2 1/2″ dia, black finish, made in Argintina by STH for Orvis, xtra spool (both spools have lines), 2 compartment swede case, R/L wind, adj drag—$225

A Carter Company

  • 4″, large salmon reel, telephone style spring latch, ivory color handle, brass line guard, smooth brass foot, back plate marked “A Carter and Co. South Molten st. W.”. This might have been made by Dingley for the Carter co., RH wind, reel in good condition, no case—$400

Bill Ballan

  • Trout Classic Midge: 1 7/8″ dia, raised pillar design, counterbalance serpentine handle, R/L wind, for #2/3 line, original zip case—$300
  • Experimental Salmon/Steelhead reel: 3 3/4″ dia, 1″ spool width, good spey reel, RH wind, smooth adjustable drag, counterbalanced spool, will take spey and regular lines up to a #12—$450
  • Trout Classic: 2 1/2″ dia, raised pillar, serpentine handle, all black, non original bag, for a #4/5 line, reel is in excellent condition, does not appear to have never been fished—$350
  • Salmon Reel: 3′ dia, adjustable drag, x spool, quick release spool button, LH wind, serpentine handle, 1 1/2″ spool width, handle is counter-balanced, large wooden knob, with fly line and hard leather case—$500
  • Model 44:  raised pillar trout reel, 2 14″ dia., single crank handle, ventilated face plate, black backplate, R?L hand wind, reel signed on backplate by Bill, includes black leather marked case, reel appears new and unused—$325


  • 3 1/4″ dia, LH wind, serial #11, red agate line guard, w/pouch, reel in exc cond—$300
  • 3″ dia, LH wind, serial #005, red agate line guard, brass drag knob, white handle perforated spool on wind side, solid black plate, w/lined leather zip case—$325
  • 4″ dia, LH wind, grizzly logo on back plate, brass foot, front plate ventilated, rear plate solid, frt plate brass drag, adjust mend knob w/5/6/ spey line, leather lined case—$330


  • R3: ser # 0595, made in Etna, California, first reels made by Ross, adj drag, black matt finish, R/L hand retrieve, owners name on reel, flywheel design spool, reel is silent on strip and retrieve, reel is built to last a lifetime, excellent cond, spare spool (w/line0 and suede pouch, an excellent, highly collectable and fishable reel—$395
  • Gunnison G1: with Cortland WR6 SL line, w/2 xtra spools all with line and cases, LH/RH wind, smooth Delrin drag, a classic reel in VG condition—$225
  • Gunnison G3: with Cortland WF5SL line, R/L wind, in very good condition—$200
  • Evolution 1.5: R/L wind, steel blue finish, with pouch, classic smooth light reel in excellent condition, one of the smoothest drags ever invented—$250
  • Evolution 1.5: black finish (earlier than above reel), never had a line on it, with pouch and box—$270
  • Airus 4: 3 1/2 ” dia, new in box, will hold a WF8 line and 200 yds 20 lb backing, RH/LH wind, smooth adjustable drag—$240
  • T & T Classic: made for and sold by T&T, same size as a G3, with WF8 line in suede T&T logo pouch, LH/RH wind, in excellent condition—$225
  • Model S1, ser #0088, salmon, stealhead, saltwater reel, early model made in ETNA California-1st gen Ross, black finish, fully adjustable drag, with line and original case, a fine reeel and highly collectible, cond is excellent, w/extra spool….$275

J.W. Young

  • Pridex: 3″, solid end plates, early reel, some end play in spool, missing center cover on face plate, otherwise in good condition, has bag—$50
  • Sea Venture: #3750, s/s/s reel, 3 1/2″ dia, 1″ spool width, with DT7 Cortland peach 444 line, LH wind, reel is red in color, smooth disc drag, counterbalanced spool, “Jubilee salt water disc drag”, new in box w/papers, I would guess it has never been used, reel is in excellent mint condition, hard to find—$225


  • #1 Unknow maker, 2 1/2″ serpentene handle-counter balanced, perforated face plate, solid backplate, alum frame, no pouch, cond is excellent, R/H wind (possibly a Ballan)…$325


  • Early 1496:  dynalife line guard, sculptured pillars, drag adjuster, amber color handle, 4″ dia, there is a bind at one point in the spool and the finish is very poor, given this, it could be restored to its classic appearance—$45
  • Medalist:  New in boxes in 3 sizes, w/cases, all have adjustable drags, all are RH/LH,  small #3/4—$120, med #5/6—$130, large #7/8/9—$140
  • Medalist 1495: with e extra spools, poor cond…$85
  • Medalist 1495: Same as above, poor cond…$35

Scientific Anglers

  • System 6: By Hardy, drag adjustment knob, palming rim, backing on reel, no case, fair cond, 1 extra spool…$250


  • AL5/6: w/extra spool and line, 3″ dia, LH wind, 11/2″ spool width, labeled neoprene pouch, excellent condition—$125
  • AL7/8: w/line and pouch, 31/2″ dia, 11/2″ spool width, excellent condition, LH wind—$145
  • RS2 5/6: LH wind, with line and original pouch, 31/4 dia, excellent condition—$125 

Johnson Magnetic

  • #3:   2 7/8″ dia, with Cortland line, extra spool and case, owners name on reel, these reels no longer made (that’s a shame!), drag system is smooth, no stutter magnet that really works fine, can be used for R or L hand, a neat reel in excellent condition and a collectable/very useable fly reel—$150


  • MR8.5: 3″ dia, 1″ spool width, serial #: 033568, adjustable drag, counterbalanced spool, disc drag, bronzed color frame and spool, w/Cortland WF4 line and case, reel is in excellent condition—$195


  • SR #3: large arbor, 4 1/2″ dia, w/case, counter balanced spool, reel appears new, never used….$90
  • SR #2: large arbor, 3 3/4″ dia, w/line, backing and case…$95
  • SR: 3″ dia, w/case and line….$100
  • Super large arbor, 3 1/2″ dia, silver color, w/line, no case—$85
  • SR1: 3″ dia, w/case, xtra spool, #6 fly line—$110

Ocean City

  • Model 76: 3′ dia, 3/4″ spool width, berge frame, silver spool, in fair usable condition—$30


  • World Class: RH wind, counterbalanced spool, black finish, adjustable drag, 3″ dia, 3/4″ spool width, w/line of unknown size, original neoprene bag, reel is in fair condition—$125


  • Model 2 Cassette: 3 1/8″ dia, smooth adjustable drag, counterbalanced handle, made in Argentina, orig box and papers, in VG condition—$75


  • Crown II: RH/LH wind, 3 1/4″ dia, 3/4″ spool width, black finish, DT 6 line and pouch, reel is in good condition—$50
  • Magnum: Model 200 D-4″ dia, disc drag, 13/8″ spool width, with Cortland WF8F line and several hundred yards of backing, reel is in excellent condition, black finish, counterbalanced spool w/palming rim, includes pouch-an excellent salt water or salmon reel—$100
  • Crown: 31/2″ dia, RH wind, with ultra WF10 line, C&P reel, poor condition—$25

Briggs Reel Co.

  • Model 2: “Duncan Briggs finest quality tackle, Providence Rhod Island”, R/H wind, aluminum line guard, reel is usable, poor condition, good reel to start a child or for a spare, no bag or case—$30


  • Model 734: 3 3/4″ dia, black and silver finish, twin handle’s, click/paw drag,  for a #9 line, in fair condition—$15


  • Model 558: 3 7/8″ diam, 3/4″ spool width, with line—$15